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Hi, I’m Dr. Nancy, and for over 15 years I’ve been doing one to one coaching in my health and wellness business as a Wholistic Doctor and Personal & Professional Growth Coach. I realized long ago that one to one coaching made the biggest difference and impact in the lives of my clients. Now my goal is to coach other coaches and those that want to be one to one growth coaches.

One To One Growth Development Coaching
Ask Yourself

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then my one to one coaching program is the answer I believe you’re looking for.

Early on, as I was becoming a coach and growing my wellness business, I realized something was holding me back, I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward. After trying many things, I learned what was holding back, and that was establishing a solid foundation for my business. Frequently I was taught “build your brand”, and make sure you have a “Business Plan”, I’m not saying both of these things are not important to do and have. However, as I begin to do both of those, I realized you can’t build a brand or write a business plan without basic fundamental knowledge of your vision? Where you are currently? and How you’re going to get there?

Like many of you, I wasn’t initially clear and didn’t know the fundamentals of having a coaching business. For instance:

These 5 areas of not knowing or not being clear held me back for years, and for some of you it is holding you back from starting and moving forward both personally and professionally right now. As your private one to one growth development coach I remove these obstacles that are holding you back.

Private “One to One” Coaching

My private one to one coaching will give you the foundation for “Your Next Level Coaching”. Whether it be one to one coaching, your own podcast, doing virtual summits, public speaking, retreats, having your own Youtube Channel or webinar group coaching. One to one coaching is the foundation for a Solid Successful Coaching Business on any of these stages or platforms.
It’s super important, let me say that again, It’s super important to have a solid foundation in your target market and niche, and to know your vision & mission, your clients, and be clear on your mission & message? These are questions you need answers to at the foundational level of any coaching program or business.

Benefits Of Having
A One to One Coach

Everyone Needs a Coach! The benefit of you having a coach is to cut your learning curve by 80% – 90%, and to bridge your gap from where you are to where you want to go. My personal and professional goal for you is to give you the tools, skills and a system (save-your-self-time-energy- money) to get you successfully paid doing one to one coaching in 8 weeks.


Coaching Program

My coaching style is very simple!
I put you first and guarantee that you can get results in 8 weeks. I guide you through the complete process, all you need to do is show up and be ready to move your life forward! The investment for your growth coaching is regularly $250 per session or $2,000 for 8 sessions. However, as a SPECIAL BONUS, if you are ready to take your next step doing one to one coaching right now, I have a SPECIAL BONUS just for you! YOUR 8th SESSION FREE for a limited time only. Only invest $1750 for 8 sessions or 4-investments of $475 (finance charges included). Your 8th session is absolutely free!

You don’t need to be a doctor to be a 1 to 1 coach, you don’t need to have a best-selling book to be a 1 to 1 growth coach, you just need a testimonial to share with others, an idea, or a step by step process to help others. Oh, and a step by step systematic coaching system like this ☺

My Ideal Coaching Client
Coaching Guidelines
Additional Bonuses

COACHING (over $1,000 in value)


A one-time investment of $1,750 or 4 investments of $475 (finance charge included)
Payment must be received to hold your slot time. Bonus 30-minute pre-coaching session must be completed prior to holding your slot time to determine compatibility and availability. Book your one to one bonus pre-coaching session click here, and add to the subject line: “Private One To One Growth Coaching With Dr. Nancy”. In the body of the email, put your phone number where you can be text or called (currently USA only). Add two dates and times you are available for the following week, please include your time zone. I will respond in 24-48 business hours to set a private one to one bonus coaching day and time with you.

Make This Commitment Now! Start Living Your Dreams And Destiny Today!

Click here to send me an email requesting your Bonus 30-Minute Pre-Coaching One to One. Please, only those seriously interested and ready to get started. I look forward to this new journey of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity with you! I wish you all the best on all your endeavors that move you closer to knowing what you want? Where you are currently personally and professionally? And how to get where you want to go? Click here to be a part of a community of Personal & Professional Growth Coaches.

Much Love, Joy & Peace,
Dr. Nancy
Wholistic Doctor, Author, Speaker
One to One Professional Growth Coach

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I am happy with this product and I would recommend anyone who is suffering from Sciatica.

Herber Johnson Happy Customer

I tried Nancy’s product for the inflammation in my hip and I am not kidding you guys, it works.

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I tried wonderful pain relief from Dr. Nancy and it really works. It’s just kept the pain away.

Denise Happy Customer

If you got knee and back pain, get some of this pain relief gel and put it to work.

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But Wait…there’s More

When your coaching slot has been confirmed you also get my new book “The 5 Pillars to Wholistic Wholeness” emailed to you as “ANOTHER SPECIAL BONUS” so let’s get started today. Click here to email me today to set up your Bonus 30-Minute Pre-Coaching Session. Put in the subject; Private One to One Growth Development Coaching With Dr. Nancy
I look forward to speaking soon.

Dr. Nancy

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